Yoga Time!

Hi everyone!

So a few days ago I made overnight oats and decided to start off this post with those!

I just used oats, almost milk, chia seeds, and greek yogurt in an empty peanut butter jar. I popped it in the fridge for the night and when I woke up,

  I popped it in the fridge for the night and when I woke up I came to find this..

They were delicious! The peanut butter really set things off and made it amazing.

So then today I decided to go for a walk because it’s so beautiful out. I went up around our hill. I plan on helping with the garden this year and here is where it always is. Super excited to grow all my yummy veggies!

After that I read on the back porch for a bit and then decided that I needed to get up and get moving. I recently hurt my knee somehow so I didn’t think running was a good idea. I grabbed my yoga mat and headed out to the yard.

Crow pose is the “fanciest” yoga pose that I can do and it’s still a work in progress. (Isn’t everything though!?) But nonetheless, I am proud that I’m able to do it!

And then I accidentally took a picture of myself which I thought was funny, so here’s that..

After that happened I forgot my camera was on timer and I picking it up when this next picture was taken, which I really like and have no idea how I got it to look so cool. Love unexpected shots like this!

After that I was going into wheel pose and I sneezed which resulted in this next comedic photo!

So after all of those bloopers, I successfully got into wheel and decided to call it a day.

Tonight I’m going to the Penguins game which was unexpected because my dad was able to get last minute tickets. So I have to go get ready for that!

Have a great day and if it’s nice out where you’re at, get out there and enjoy that weather!!

Original post date: April 23, 2013 on Blogspot

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