Spring Has Sprung!

I didn’t work today and it was an absolutely beautiful day. Temperatures reached 80! Last week it was in the 20’s so it’s definitely a drastic positive change. I started my morning off with a walk. Pebbles and I did a little exploring to see what we could find.

Everything is turning green again and I am so excited. We’re supposed to get rain this week so I’m sure it’ll happen before we know it. Which is fine with me!

After our walk I relaxed for a little with some green tea and a book. I’m currently reading Hilary Duff’s book, Devoted. It’s really great. It’s not something I’d normally read but it’s so well written that I can’t put it down.

After reading a few chapters I figured that I’d paint a little. I painted four pictures but I only have pictures of the two right now. I love painting. Especially whenever I’m able to do it outside with the sun shining.

I have tomorrow off also so I hope to have another productive day like today! It’s amazing how much the weather can improve my mood.

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